T-9122, Garden5 Life,
66 Chungmin-ro,
Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea.
TEL : 82-2-2157-3999
FAX : 82-2-2157-3998
EMAIL : inkee99@gmail.com


Business networks  to over 500 manufacturers across the nation

IKG KOREA, as an enterprise dreaming of beautiful world, have exported outstanding Korean products
such as fruits, biscuit, snack, sea-laver, beverage, health food, etc. to the overseas market based on the
past 15 years of business experience and knowhow in the field of agriculture and fisheries.

Since we have established business networks to over 500 manufacturers across the nation,
currently we are in a position to export a wide variety of food products to over 20 countries such as,
China, Mongol, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and so on.

Based on more than 30 times of overseas promotion activities, we have carried out the overseas
promotion events continuously so far through the sponsorship of local and central governments.

IKG KOREA also imports fresh agricultural products, seafood, and processed food products from 10
countries, including America, China, Argentina, Vietnam, and Pakistan. And the company supplies the
products to hypermarkets, wholesalers, retailers and catering companies.