T-9122, Garden5 Life,
66 Chungmin-ro,
Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea.
TEL : 82-2-2157-3999
FAX : 82-2-2157-3998
EMAIL : inkee99@gmail.com


Red color of the balloon mark means passion. It symbolizes the image to do our
best toward developing overseas market with passionate attitudes and satisfying
tastes and quality desired by local people.
Ballon mark has the meaning of comma. It provides a meaning to take a brief
rest during the passionately busy daily life and to think more broadly.
Yellowish green grass leaf is represented. It emphasizes the safety of major
ingredients of natural materials.
*By attaching at the back of BI logo, FRESH for fresh fruits, and FOODS for foods,
BI is used differently by contents.
  CI stands for IKG, 'Invest in Korean Goods.' It induces the investment in Korean Goods,
and intends to trade premium goods excellent in quality and taste.

Blue color used in CI means absolute reliability to do our best to our partners.